Role: Art Director & Designer
I worked on concept, storyboards, and designs that helped our studio win the pitch. Then I fleshed out the designs and art directed the process through animation and technical problem solving to the finish line.
Used C4D, Redshift, Marvelous Designer.

Exec. Creative Director: Tony Liu
Art Direction & Design: Yoojin Seol
CG Artists & Animators: Christian Brown, Michael Matzur, Ted Gore, Nicholas Toro
Created at Laundry.

Dunkin Donuts Campaign

It’s cheersin’ time! Our team at Laundry worked on a holiday campaign for Dunkin Donuts featuring all kind of festive characters with a Dunkin drink to unite them all.

It was fun to express characters through just their hands and sleeves, with cloth simulated with Marvelous Designer.

Design exploration

In the early stages, it actually began with a 2D illustrative approach...

But it was tricky making the drinks look realistic & delicious...
...then I wondered, whoa what if you mix 2D & 3D?
We ended up moving forward with a 3D direction as we loved how the characters and drinks could both be crafted in 3D!
Then our team got to work to modeling, animation, compositing, and R&D on making that whip cream bounce and have cloth follow-through.


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