In my freetime, I love to just close my eyes,
imagine heaven and draw from there. 

and imagine worlds

and characters!

trying new things

What’s behind the layers of paint?
This universe was made dropping paint in milk - inverted
Coded in Processing

And bring it to life!
These were for Doubting Thomas, a cafe in LA

I love that art can uplift the environment where people would gather. It’s been a dream side project to design a mural for a cafe. When customers enter Doubting Thomas, I hope that the illustration would help the cafe give more warmth, refreshment, and nourishment to those who visit. An urban oasis.

and FrankieLucy, an ube cafe in LA

These designs were for Frankielucy (now Ube Baby) -- a bakery in Echo Park, LA with ube everything desserts!
Concept designs for a peaceful interior corner.  Stickers that bring purple hues of light and curious customers inside.

Murals for Laundry in LA’s art district

Once located in LA's art district, Laundry is a design and animation creative studio. Reflecting the creativity and talent that Laundry houses, the murals can create a space of inspiration and creative freedom.

Illustrations could color the atmosphere to be more peaceful or a place to evoke conversations