Role: Art Director
I worked on concept and brand strategy, communicated between stakeholders at Messenger, Messenger Kids, and the production studio, BUCK.

Programs: C4D, Redshift, Figma, Keyframes, Photoshop 

Creative Director: Sean Daughtery
Art Director: Yoojin Seol, Eliza Reisfeld
Creative Studio: BUCK
Animation: Chris Slowick, David Pocull, Jerry Liu
Created at Meta with the Messenger Team
Messenger Kids Rebrand

Messenger Kids is a secure messaging and video chat app designed for children aged 6-12, providing a safe environment for them to connect, express themselves creatively, play, and communicate with friends and family.

Before the rebrand

This is how Messenger Kids first looked like: cute, colorful, and playful. 

While it had its charm for younger kids, our stakeholders aimed to:

  • Evolve the brand look to be cool to kids 7-12

  • Make Messenger Kids feel like it belongs with Messenger

We rebranded Messenger Kids with a new Recess illustration system. 
This changed the entire look of the brand in-product and in marketing. 

Onboarding Kids and Parents onto this app. 2 different audiences. 2 different concerns. How might we onboard them? 

Our focus was to communicates the app’s possibilities and features to kids in a fun, inspiring, and easy-to-understand way.

Onboarding Parents

This Figma prototype is best viewed in desktop - feel free to ‘opt out’. 🍪