Role – Design, Illustration, 2D Animation
I designed and animated 3D and 2D scenes and worked on typography.
I worked with the creative director on the pitch, art directing the style, color, and typography. 

Used C4D, Redshift, Photoshop, After Effects

Created at Laundry.
Executive Creative Director: PJ Richardson
Producer: Schuyler McFerran
Designers: Yoojin Seol, Nick Illuzada
Animators: Yongmin Park, Teppei Maki, Yoojin Seol
VFX Artists: Yang Liu, Alan Ng
I AM THE GRINCH MV - Tyler the Creator

At Laundry, I was got to design and animate a music video for Tyler the Creator for Illumination’s The Grinch Movie! Not only was the collaboration surprising and wild, but so was the creative potential! Colorful 3D & 2D designs, typography, and loads of fun.

Favorite Designs

and the ones that didn’t make the director’s cut