Role: Art Director

I worked with the creative director and client to explore two brand directions for Linkedin. I lead and worked with the design and animation team to craft the visual and motion look & feel and have it come to life.

Produced at Laundry
Executive Creative Director: Tony Liu
Producers: Chris Engle, Cole Winokur
Art Director: Yoojin Seol
Designers: Alejandra Lan, Carla Dasso, Yoojin Seol
Animators: Tina Chen, Simon Ainge


Linkedin wanted to dive into fresh visual and motion styles distinct from their previous approach, especially for their younger, trendier audience. 

Framing it as a commercial for their mobile app, we crafted some style and motion exploration with two distinct brand looks --
one featuring dynamic bold typography and colors, and the other that’s more playful and light. 

Design Frames: Dynamic

Design Frames: Playful