Role: Art Director & Designer

I worked on character and world design and concepts.

I designed the characters in 2D, and worked with Krista Albert who modeled these wonderful characters. Then I textured and posed them and created the 3D scene around them.

Modeled, textured, rendered in C4D + Redshift. Drawn on Photoshop.
Created at Laundry.
Messenger 360 Characters

Messenger rolled out with a feature to change the background in video calls through AR!

We loved the brand team’s vision of creating a series of backgrounds revolving characters with a unique ownable style. It was a blast creating our cast of teens based on Messenger's colorful brand colors.

Behind the scenes sketches! 

Throughout the process, we gave each character a personality, interests, and dreams.
It made the process more grounded and intentional, asking ourselves questions like, what would Ella’s “best day ever be?”. How would Dina design her town?
We tried to make them as colorful as Messenger’s color spectrum.