Role: Art Director
I worked on storyboards and design frames, but mostly cheered our design and animation team from concept to the finish line. 

Creative Director: Tony Liu
Art Director: Yoojin Seol
Designers: Yeri Lee, Whitney Lam, Emily Roberts, Holly Jolley, Sally Kang
Animation Art Director: Michelle Grepo
Animators: Mike Ricca, Anne Calandre, Vasil Hnatiuk, Gerardo Gonzalez, Geoff Ciccarelli
Meta Privacy Videos

We rolled out with three videos for Meta's Privacy Policy Page that goes over how Meta collects and uses your data across apps. 

The challenge: how do we make data privacy policy approachable and interesting?

We designed diverse and personalized characters who could be someone's dad or best friend. Then we told the story on how data relates to them in their daily lives.