👑 Prism Crown
Crystals deflect light into rainbows. 
Blink to pulse a rainbow beam.

With a little bit of science, a bit of wonder, I hope kids can have fun with this AR filter. ✨

🌞 You are the sun!

Move closer to the horizon, you become the sunset.
Tap to become the moon. Then the llama will go to sleep because it is his bedtime now.
Nod to slide on sunglasses. 😎 

Messenger Kids Augmented Reality (AR) Filters

Created AR experiences where kids could learn that they can have an impact on the world (and an alpaca’s well-being) and play with science with wonder and delight.

Role: Art Director
I worked on the concept, design, and animation.
Created in Spark with technical artists Jason Min & Emma Yates who helped me to bring the interactive features to life.
Created at Messenger Kids, Meta.