Role: Art Director & Illustrator
Created at Meta with the Messenger Kids Team

Messenger Kids Stickers

With Messenger Kids, kids can play with stickers to decorate a photo to express themselves or share it out. 

Share Kindness Stickers

This Kindness Series helps kids share kind words to their friends and family.

Just like in the app, click & drag the stickers around!


Funny story while transferring my iPad sketches to the computer...

I accidentally AirDropped "great job!" sketch to a random coworker at the office without any context.

Well I hope it made them smile!

Stickers to celebrate Latin & Hispanic Heritage month!

It was a fun challenge to represent 20+ Hispanic countries full of diversity, traditions, cultural achievements, and indigenous roots in 8 stickers.

I collaborated with the Latin@ group at Meta to gather stories to represent them well.

Through these stickers, we hope to spark rich conversations among kids and their families and friends!



Happy New Years!