Role: Art Director & Designer
I worked on concept and designs that helped win the original pitch. Then I fleshed out the designs for the first year, creating Pocky’s brand 3D style.
It was a success that the Pocky campaign returned next year! I art directed the following year of Pocky.

Exec. Creative Director: Tony Liu
Art Director: Yoojin Seol
Designer:  Yuri Byun, Yoojin Seol
CG Technical Artists:  Yang Liu, Alan Ng
Animator: Yuri Byun, Michael Matzur
Created at Laundry with RPA agency

Pocky Campaign

Pocky is such a fun shareable treat! But Pocky wanted it to be seen as a go-to treat for social gatherings, rather than a quick impulse buy at the checkout. With a collab from Pocky, RPA, and Laundry - our strategy was to focus on connections and people.

What moments could you share with Pocky? Perhaps they’re moments of celebration, like birthdays, anniversaries, or a family gathering. Or during lockdown, perhaps it’s sharing a fun digital AR filter featuring with your friends (or cats). 

And this campaign was a success!
From RPA: “Our advertising showed that this chocolate-covered stick was designed to foster closer connections—and it helped move Pocky from the specialty category to the main aisle, with a 25% year-over-year increase in sales velocity throughout the span of the campaign.”

AR experience - Instagram & FB Filters

My cat got her moment of fame when @pockyusa shared our story and they sent us sweet Pocky swag!

Brand Videos - Paid ads targeting different audiences


Favorite design stills

These helped win the pitch and steer the art direction of bringing the Pocky brand to 3D

Billboards spotted in the wild!