Role – Art Director
Concept, Storyboard, Design
Working with the creative director, I established the visual look and motivated the animation team to bring the story to life.

Creative Director: PJ Richardson
Producer: Mickey Briggs
Art Director & Designer: Yoojin Seol
Animators: Yongmin Park, Xirui Liu

Created at Laundry.

At Laundry, we had the opportunity to create eight animated shorts celebrating “SYFY25: Origin Stories,” a podcast highlighting iconic science fiction creators. I was entrusted with telling Ron Moore’s story of how he got into sci-fi... who would eventually write and produce Star Trek.

Honesty if I didn’t go into art, I wanted to work at NASA as “Houston”. You know, when astronauts ask “Houston, we have a problem,” I wanted to be that guy who helps them. Well, I still love space, so this was a captivating project for me!